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Photo of Sam Waez

Sam Waez


Sam Waez opened the doors to the first Acropolis Greek Taverna in 2001, but it was really founded 30 years earlier in the beautiful islands of Greece. Being the youngest of eight children, meals at the Waez home were always full of amazing food, loud laughter, dancing, and all of the great traditions that Greek culture ingrains. Sam comes from a long life of self-starters and entrepreneurs. As a young man, he worked after school in his older brother's restaurant where he developed a love affair for cooking and the culinary industry as a whole. He studied classic Greek dishes and loved to ad his own "twists" to make them even more delectable.

After graduation, Sam left with a bag and a dream for the United States. His dream was to learn everything he could about running successful restaurants and combine that knowledge with his love of Greek culture and food. He knew that if you do what you love, you will find a way to make money at it.

Sam worked his way up learning everything he could about what makes a restaurant successful. He worked with mom and pop restaurants, resorts, fine dining establishments, and name brand franchises. He learned how to build and train teams, open restaurants, design menus, create effective advertising campaigns, establish vendor relationships, manage money, and more. Whether assisting a customer or working alongside a team member, Sam always prided himself in doing the best job and always with a smile.

Sam loved the personal connections developed with clientele when working in smaller venues, and the structure, discipline and training practices from the corporate environment. Growing up in Greece, he developed his passion for Greek food, Greek wine and Greek fun. By combining all that he learned, he and his team have been able to create a thriving concept that is well established and will continue to grow. This is an exciting time to join Sam and the Acropolis Greek Taverna team on an amazing journey of sharing, dancing, laughter, amazing food, and success.